Roadmaster Granite Peak 26-inches Mountain Bike Review

When it comes to selecting the right mountain bike, you have to be very careful to pick the perfect one. The mountain bike you will be choosing will be your companion while in rugged conditions and harsh terrain. Different Roadmaster Granite bikes come with various features, thus deciding on the right one can be a daunting task. That’s is why we have compiled this article review to help you when choosing the right mountain bike that will be your companion. In this article, we will look at 26-inches Mountain Bike Review. If you are searching for best men’s mountain bike under 100, then this 26-inches mountain bike is a perfect choice.

This Roadmaster Mountain Bike is a 26 inches men’s mountain bike. It remains to be one of the greatest mountain bikes available in the market which can be used for home riding, rough riding, and unpaved path riding. If you are looking for trials biking for beginners, this is what you need. This exclusive mountain bike features 18 speeds and the suspension front fork which makes it ideal for unpaved and rugged roads. The suspension on the front fork of this bike gets your riding experience on rough and bumpy roads very enjoyable and comfortable. This exclusive 26-inches bike is composed of suspension front fork, 18 speeds, linear pull breaks, wide-ranging three-piece crank, durable alloy rims, smooth SRAM drive gear shifters, sturdy steel handlebars and well-padded seat.

Let’s look at the features of this Roadmaster Granite Peak 26-inches Mountain Bike
This fantastic all round mountain bike comes with many features that make it very ideal for beginners and intermediate riders.


What makes this 26-inches mountain bike perfect for harsh and rugged roads is its high-quality suspension fork. The silk suspension fork smoothes the track ahead of you and gives you a smooth experience when it comes to riding in bumpy and rough trails. The front suspension fork further offers you greater control whereas riding in harsh terrains.

Braking System

This mountain bike has an incredible braking system which makes outstanding and fit for beginners and professional riders. The braking system comes profitable for riders who fancy riding at greater speeds climbing down from steep slopes. This bike features linear pull breaks which ensure complete braking of your mountain bike when the need arises.

Speed and Gears

This bike features an unusual three-piece mountain crank which provides full gear range.
This mountain bike is equipped with SRAM Drive Twist Shifters which enables you to change gears without any hassle. The shifters are supported by the Shimano Rear Derailleur and three piece mountain crank that allows you the tendency to change the wide-ranging 18 speeds smoothly. The SRAM Drive Twist Shifters are a crucial feature on your bike since you require an efficient gear system which works well when you are switching its gears.

The Tires

This mountain bike has high-quality tires which are crafted with high-end tread grips that offer you the maximum grip on all terrains. This helps to minimize chances of you skidding in wet or bumpy roads with loose surfaces which may cause damages to you. The enhanced treading on its high-quality tires ensures your stability particularly when you are riding at high speeds lessening any probability of slipping due to diminished friction caused by fewer grips.

The Seat, Handle Bar & Its Wheels

The mountain bike features alloy rims that provide optimal control and supreme durability in your outdoor adventures. The good thing with this alloy rims is that they are typically lightweight but robust and durable than the steels rims. Rims which are light offers you more control of your bike and avoid accidental collision especially in an urban background where there are many pedestrians and road users. It features well-built steel handlebars and well-padded seat which provides you great comfort even while riding in a rough terrain.


• Assembling of your mountain bike is incredibly simple.
• Incredibly affordable though is of high-quality.
• The bike has good suspension providing a comfortable ride.
• Perfect for paved and unpaved pathways as well as rugged terrains. Thanks to its high-quality suspension fork.
• High-quality and excellent performance.
• This bike offers higher stopping power and enhances your safety even when riding down a steep slope. Thanks to the linear pull brakes of this bike built on the front and rear section of the bike.
• It is an adamant bike, thanks to its steel frame which is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.


• The seat of this bike is not perfect especially if you intending to go for long distance rides.
• The bike tends to get scratches very quickly.
• The brakes of this bike need regular adjustment.

Let’s take an overview of this bike’s specifications

• The material used to make the frame is steel.
• The seat is well-padded.
• The handlebar of this bike is built of steel.
• It features three-piece crank.
• The rims of this bike are made of the alloy.
• The suspension front fork is equipped with shock absorbers.
• The weight of the bike is 38.6lbs.
• This hill bike has 18-speed gear shifters.
• The wheels of this bike are 26-inches.
• The bikes have liner pull brakes.
• The bike features a Shimano rear derailleur.
• The dimensions of this bike are 53 inches by 32 inches by 8 inches.

Final verdict

As mentioned in this Roadmaster 26-inches Mountain Bike review, the Granite Peak is a high-quality mountain bike produced for adult men who love to bike. If you are searching for a mountain bike that does not break your bank and meets all you needs, then the 26-inch mountain bike is a perfect choice. Do not allow the price tag to prevent you buying this bike.

The 26” Roadmaster mountain bike is the best mountain bike available for both beginners and intermediates riders. The mountain bike is built with durability; you will enjoy riding it for a long time. This bike possesses a frame that is constructed from steel guaranteeing its strength and capability to last for a long time. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and fun ride, this 26-inch mountain bike is the best bike for you. The combined features of this bike will allow you enjoy smooth riding experience on and off the road.

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