In the time we live in, concrete and motor vehicles relentlessly surround us with a constant veil of pollution. And although not everything is as pessimistic as the previous sentence might suggest, it’s a simple fact that your lifestyle, health and environment can be significantly improved by bringing a bicycle to your life.

The mountain bikes are the most popular and practical kind as they allow great versatility in many driving conditions. Choosing a bike might seem simple, but we are actually talking about a complex process with so many minute details to figure out. We’re here to help you sort them out with our list of best mountain bikes, 2017 edition.

Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners:

26-inch Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak

26 wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike - Review

If you happen to be a beginner cyclist, we would like to wholeheartedly recommend checking out the 26-inch wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak. This product comes at an amazingly affordable price and delivers an incredibly well-rounded performance.

The bike utilizes steel mountain frame geometry that makes riding easier and more confortable, giving the cyclist an additional amount of control. The product also features a three-piece mountain crank that offers a wide gear range, as well as a set of linear pull brakes able to stop the bike in place.

This is a great bike for city ride. It’s more than capable of conquering the concrete roads and even shows neat performance on off-road driving, although you shouldn’t expect too much comfort either.

Best Mountain Bikes for Women:

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s 2015 Lux

Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2015 Lux Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike - Review

If you happen to be a female cyclist, we would like to draw your attention towards this fine Diamondback mean machine. It’s quite an affordable women mountain bike that offers an incredible performance for the listed price.

It is very comfortable and utilizes rather efficient shock absorbers, providing the lady with a smooth ride she very much deserves. We are also talking about a strong bicycle that requires little effort to get going.

This is particularly important for the females as they tend to have less strength than men. Well, the Diamondback has them covered and will give them the extra push through a well-crafted set of equipment.

Best Mountain Bikes for Men:

26-inch Frame Genesis V2100

Genesis V2100 26 Dual-suspension Men's Mountain Bike

Finally, a little something for the dudes! We would like to single out the Genesis V2100 as one of the top picks for the male cyclists, as this bike offers a stellar performance through a mix of top-notch well-balanced equipment and an affordable price. The shock absorbers on this thing are really something, and even off-road riding will become a breeze. It’s a rough bike, perfect for the guys; highly recommended!

What are the best mountain bikes 2016?

This question is an intricate one, as it heavily depends on the type of cyclist. Therefore, our list will cover beginners and seasoned cyclists of both genders. More in the rundown below.

5. Huffy Bicycle Company Men’s 26344 Tundra Bike Review

Huffy Bicycle Company Men's 26344 Tundra Bike - Review

To kick off the Big 5, we’ll present you with the economy version, possibly the best budget mountain bike on the market today – the Huffy Tundra Bike. This thing has all the necessary components and a very sturdy build, making it ideal if you’re looking for an affordable mountain bike that requires low maintenance.

Features Icon


The bike utilizes a hi-ten steel hydro formed frame that ensures high durability, along with classic Enzo 21-speed twist shifting, a seven-speed index derailleur, a set of quite strong steel linear pull brakes and a comfy padded seat with stitched sides.

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The performance of this bike is fairly well-rounded, although city ride is preferred. You can absolutely take your Huffy for some off-road cycling, but just don’t expect the comfort to be through the roof. But most importantly, this baby keeps it together and rarely breaks regardless of the terrain type.

4. Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Hook Hard Tail Review

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Hook Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike - Review

Up next is the pricey version, and something for bike aficionados – the Diamondback 2015 Hook Hard Tail, a true beast and probably the strongest bicycle on the list when it comes to build quality. This product is made for all types of roads, but really excels when you take it to uncharted territories.

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The bike utilizes the 27.5-inch wheels that are griping, strong, lean and mean. These babies are perfect for off-road jive, and make rough riding a breeze thanks to a 120mm (4.7 in) suspension fork, lending a helpful hand whenever things get rough. Additionally, the bike has a strong, yet light aluminum body and a total of eight speeds for shredding just about any terrain out there.

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As noted, city cycling is a breeze with this guy, but so is off-road adventuring. A mere glance at tis Diamondback suggests that it would be a terrible waste not to hit the wilderness and shred the ground away. In either case, the price is well worth the quality you get, as the bike is sturdy, light and simply top-notch.

3. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Lux Sport

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Lux Sport

And now we’d like to present you with a little something for the ladies. We’re still dealing with the mighty Diamondback, except that this time around we have a 2014 Lux Sport on our hands, one of the best mountain bikes for females and one of the top bicycles overall on today’s market.

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The bike features 27.5-inch wheels, along with a light, yet very sturdy aluminum frame with low top tube, along with a high-quality SR Suntour XCR-LO 27.5 100 mm travel suspension fork, and SRAM S600 Alloy Arm Crankset, a set of 32H Diamondback SL-7 double wall rims, and gripping Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm front and 160 mm rear rotors.

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If you happen to be a lady, you will feel the amazing difference of a well-crafted female bike. Needless to say, boys and gals have a different body built, and this Diamondback features some incredible nuances that adjust the bike to a woman’s needs, strength and body. It works like a charm on all terrain types and delivers more that a good bang for the buck. We are talking Diamondback, which means high-end in many ways, but this specific model is more than worth the investment.

2. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Review

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

Up next is a bad boy known as Mongoose Impasse, a lean and mean full suspension bike aimed at cyclist looking to get something extra from their bicycles. If you need strong suspension for some off-road shenanigans, you’re at the right place.

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The bike’s notable features include a high-end aluminum suspension frame that maximizes comfort and riding performance, along with an element suspension fork to smooth the bumps and grant the cyclist extra control. This Mongoose mountain bike also utilizes a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with a set of SRAM twist shifters for easy gear changes, a couple of alloy wheels, as well as alloy front and rear disc brakes.

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Just hit the road, my friend! This thing was built for riding, and ride it you should. The performance is very smooth and seamless, and on the top of it all, the price is super affordable. Many satisfied customers have pointed out that this big guy has all the features of a strong $1000 bike, and you can grab it for nearly four times less money.

1. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Review

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike - Review

Finally, the red devil known as the Schwinn Protocol. When all factors are considered, the Schwinn gets the top because it offers the best mix of price and quality. Granted, we are talking about a dual-suspension bike here, hence it is aimed towards off-road folks, but still, a well-deserved No. 1 it is.

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Everything about this bike is aimed towards comfort and smooth riding. It utilizes a Schwinn aluminum dual suspension frame with a steel rear, a Shimano Altus 24 speed shirted, a Pro Max front disc brake and a killer MTB Handlebar.

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Very, very compelling. The bike has proven itself time and time again that it can take on just about any terrain and still display top performance and very high durability. The 26-inch wheels deliver the goods and shred the ground away, while the body, suspension and seat keep the cyclist comfortable.

To round up the sweet deal, we’ll note that this is a light product, making all the important factors well covered. Quality build, an affordable price, great performance and even some gorgeous looks along the way – what more can a cyclist ask for?


Thus, in a nutshell, these are the best mountain bikes of 2017. It is worth noting that they all represent a mixture of all factors, particularly performance, build quality and price. Certain things depend on your physique, gender and experience, but these bicycles still remain the finest products of their niche on today’s market. You simply can’t go wrong with any of them!

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