Mountain biking is a sporting activity that has an uncanny knack of initiating the missing “adrenaline rush” within an adventurous individual. Nonetheless, owing to the rise in general expenses, people have started avoiding spending their precious time and hard-earned money on adventure sports. Nowadays, mountain biking is also considered an expensive treat, which only the affluent can afford.

Interestingly, leading mountain bike manufacturing companies have begun manufacturing sturdy bikes that are within the affordability range of most budget conscious individuals. Yes, we are referring to mountain bikes that fall within the $300 budget range. These companies have realized the budgetary constraints faced by adventure lovers, which is why, they have included an inexpensive range of bikes that use high end quality components and are as robust as an expensive model.

Taking cue from the above statement, we have shortlisted the top 5 mountain bikes that are available at Amazon and fall under the $300 mark.

The Top 5 Mountain Bikes for the Year 2017 that Cost Less than $300:

1) Vilano Ridge 2.0 26-Inch Mountain Bike

Vilano Ridge 2.0 26-Inch Mountain Bike

Amazon User Rating : 4.7
Price : $299.99

The Vilano Ridge 2.0, 26-Inch Mountain Bike is or # 1 choice as it is a robust machine that is fortified with a double butted aluminum frame and propelled by Shimano 21-speed drivetrain gearbox. This 26 inch mountain bike has a suspension folk with lockout mechanism that enables ride comfort even in the most rugged terrains. Vilano bikes have been serving people since the year 2008 and have managed to carve a distinct niche for themselves in this highly competitive mountain bike industry.

In case you love to ride at high speeds then, Vilano Ridge 2.0 mountain bike does not disappoint you. With the help of its mechanical disc breaks, you can bring this speeding cycle to a grinding halt at the blink of an eye. In order to enhance the overall appearance of the cycle, this vehicle is fortified with alloy mag wheels.

Some users were not happy with the packaging and delivery mechanism adopted by Amazon. A few users complained that the packaging box was broken. Also, the availability of a single color (black) tends to restrict the choice of cycle lovers.

People who have used this mountain bike categorically sate that it is impossible to find a sturdy and stylish bike such as the Vilano Ridge 2.0 for less than $300. While the components used in this mountain bike cannot be considered the best in the industry, they are nonetheless far better than the ones found in most competing brands and undoubtedly not of low quality. Users also liked the double wall rim that is very durable.

Vital features of this Bike:

  • It has a double butted 6160 frame that is made from Aluminum
  • The bike is fortified with a 26 inch suspension fork that has has been fitted with a “lockout” option
  • It makes use of Shimano gear shifts that has a maximum of 21 gears
  • The breaks of this bike are sure-shot and precise (mechanical disc)
  • The wheels are fortified with 26 inch alloys. These “all terrain tires” are perfect for the tarmac and ideal for hilly trails.

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2) Merax Finiss 26 Inch Aluminum 21 Speed Alloy Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26 Inch Aluminum 21 Speed Alloy Mountain Bike

Amazon User Rating: 4.2
Price: $299.99

The Merax Finiss mountain bike is a sure-shot head turner owing to its flashy alloy wheels and a stylish body frame. It is our # 2 choice. The black and red paintwork looks stunning, making it an ideal commute for the daily office goer or a health-freak college student. Besides the good looks, the Merax Finiss mountain bike is also sturdy and comfortable. Most cyclists find the pricing of this bike to be super-affordable in nature.

It is fortified with 6061 aluminum frame, which is heat-treated to further strengthen the body. The magnesium allow wheels are light in weight. This mountain bike is propelled with 21- speed Shimano shifters that enable smooth up-shifts and down-shifts, as per the requirement of the cyclist. The aluminum lockout option ensures the safety of the vehicle and the front and rear disc breaks allow speeding bikers to apply breaks in a jiffy.

People who have purchased this mountain bike are all praises for its chic styling and its super-durable tires. Cycling enthusiasts have also expressed their delight for the smooth gear shifters that simply do not age with time and remain as smooth as they had initially arrived. Interestingly, the kickstand of this mountain bike has been greatly appreciated by most cycling enthusiasts (even by those who hate kickstands).

Main Features of this Mountain Bike:

  • The bike is light in weight and easy to carry
  • The gear shifters and derailleurs are provided by Shimano. The bike uses a 21-speed gear shifting mechanism
  • The bike uses heat treated aluminum frame
  • It has alloy wheels that are made from lightweight magnesium
  • The safety of the bike is enhanced with the aid of both front and rear mechanical disc breaks
  • It comes in two chic color combinations – “classic grey & green” and “fashion white & blue”.

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3) Mongoose Men’s Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Men's Impasse Mountain Bike

Amazon User Rating: 4.5
Price: $285.67

Popularly known as the Mongoose Impasse HD mountain bike, this cycle is an ideal companion for the adventure freaks and a perfect fit for the college going health enthusiast. It is also our # 3 choice for the most popular mountain bike category for the year 2017.

This bike allows several up-grade options thereby permitting advanced customization. At the same time, its design is rather appealing. It should also be taken into account the wide angle bars of this mountain bike, which help even large riders to handle it with utmost ease. To ensure that it can handle rough terrain easily, the Mongoose Impasse HD mountain bike is made from solid aluminum frame.

Made from sturdy aluminum frame and weighing just 43 pounds, this lightweight mountain bike can carry you comfortably through some of the toughest forest trails without a fuss. In a nutshell, this bike is ideal for using in the city and perfect for blazing through those treacherous forest trails.

Nonetheless, there have been a few user complaints regarding its breaking mechanism, which could be further improved. Some cyclists have also stated that the rear suspension could have been made more comfortable. Even the tires have been criticized by off-roading enthusiasts, as they tend to wear-out rather quickly. In reality, the tires wear off simply because you are habitual of off-roading very regularly.

Nonetheless, a vast majority of biking enthusiasts are all praises for this mountain bike. They claim that this model is affordably priced and a real thrill to ride!

Main Features of this Mountain Bike:

  • It has a stand-over height of 29 inches and it makes use of sturdy aluminum frame
  • To allow perfect comfort for riders, this bike makes use of element suspension fork
  • This bike is fortified with disc breaks both at the front as well as the rear of the bike
  • It uses 21-speed twist shifters (SARM) in the front and rear derailleur from Shimano
  • The bike is fortified with front quick release functionality
  • The alloy wheels of this mountain bike make it look chic and stylish.

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4) Cyrusher Kingttu 27.5″ Hardtail Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Kingttu Hardtail Mountain Bike

Amazon User Rating: 4.1 Stars
Price: $259

The Cyrusher Kingttu Hardtail is a 21-speed mountain bike that is fortified with suspension fork for enhance ride quality. This lightweight bike weighs just 33 pounds and is best suited for people who like to ride to work or for those who love to go for weekend cycling trips through dense shrubs and over bumpy mountain trails. This bike is our # 4 choice.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this bike is suitable for the youth and its flashy design is definitely going to make several heads turn in its direction. Even before you decide to purchase this mountain bike, you need to ensure that you watch your weight before finalizing your decision. This bike has a maximum payload capacity of 360 pounds and it can accommodate individuals that are below six feet two inches in height.

Vital Features of the Cyrusher Kingttu Hardtail Mountain Bike:

  • The bike has a 17 inch frame made from aluminum and a a 27.5 inch wheel size
  • The seat can be self-adjusted from thirty five inches all the way upto forty two inches
  • To ensure perfect breaking, this bike makes use of dual disc breaks (MTB)
  • The shifters as well as derailleurs are from Shimano and the gear box is mated to a 21-speed shift mechanism
  • This bike is available in two stylish color combinations, which are – “red and black” and “white and blue”.

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5) Titan Glacier-Pro Unisex All Terrain Mountain Bike

Titan Glacier-Pro Unisex All Terrain Mountain Bike

Amazon User Review: 4 Stars
Price: $285.99

This dual suspension mountain bike is #5 on our top 5 mountain bike list. This bike is undoubtedly the most attractive looking of the entire lot. Apart from its chic and stylish design, this bike has several features that place it miles ahead of its nearest competitors. This nineteen inch frame mountain bike is ideal for the health conscious individuals, who love to travel through the city on a comfortable and sturdy machine.

With over 50% of its body made from alloy, the latest model of this bike has less weight, edging off almost 10 pounds from the previous version. It has a nineteen inch frame with height adjustable seats thereby making it an ideal companion for both men as well as women cyclists. The quick lock release mechanism in the seat posts makes this bike a user friendly machine.

Another highlight of this mountain bike is its high quality Shimano gear shift leavers that permit shifting gears on the fly. The handlebars of this bike are adjustable, allowing cyclists to select their choicest positioning. Even the head of the cycle is made from alloy and is completely thread-less.

If you like speeding down a mountain trail then, the 2015 caliper vented disc breaks allow your bike to stop just where you want it to stop. The quick release Zoom shock mechanism on the front wheels allows you to apply breaks instantly without forcing the bike to skid or topple over. The rear derailleurs that govern the 21-speed gears are also manufactured by Shimano.

Here are Some of the Main Features of Titan Glacier-Pro Unisex All Terrain Mountain Bike:

  • The bike is covered under a one year guarantee against frame related defects
  • The bike is already pre-assembled and you just need to perform 15% assembly at home. You just need to assemble the breaks, the seat post, the handlebars, the front wheel and the pedals
  • It is fortified with dual suspension technology to provide added comfort to riders, regardless of the terrain
  • Gear shifting is a super-smooth experience wherein the Shimano Tourney TX front and Shimano Front Derailleuers do a fantastic job in ensuring flawless performance
  • The Revoshift Grip Shift System allows cyclists to change gears without any sort of discomfort. The handle grips too are made from comfortable material to allow ease of handling
  • The front and rear disc breaks use advanced technology introduced by JAK breaking systems
  • The entire frame of the bike, including the wheels, are made from alloy, thereby reducing the overall weight of the bike.

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Final Verdict on the Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

The importance of cycling in this fast paced life is very important. People have placed physical exercise on the back-burner. They spend more time sitting on computer chairs. This has given rise to a wide variety of diseases. So, all the money that you generate by spending a major part of your life on a computer chair is spent in treating the ailment that this unhealthy lifestyle begets.

It is therefore in your best interest to regain your focus on regular exercises. By purchasing an affordable mountain bike, not only would you be physically fit, you would also enhance your mental capability. It is also interesting to note that people who indulge in regular exercises are a happier lot, as compared to those individuals that do not spend time on taking care of their physical health.

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